Нови полуприколка со ниска платформа FGM 35 AF

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Марка FGM
Модел 35 AF
Тип полуприколка со ниска платформа
Носивост 26100 кг
Нето тежина 12500 кг
Вкупна тежина 38600 кг
Локација Италија Frosinone
Датум на објавување јул 06, 2020
Autoline ID MM14880
Шасија галванизиран челик
Целосна рамка на приколка
Кутија за алат
Телескопска шасија
Марка SAF
Оски 2
Суспензија пневматски/пневматски
Управувачка оска
Дупли тркала
Големина на гуми 245/70
Сопирачки барабан
Состојба нов
Дополнителни информации: Англиски
-N.2 hydraulic steering axles, SAF 12 ton drum brakes
-TRIDEC Tritronic hydraulic steering system with remote control and electronic alignment
-Turning radius 38 degrees
-Independent hydraulic system for all functions (steering and gooseneck compensation)
-Axles with automatic alignment (electric sensors on kingpin and axles)
-Hydraulic disengagement - Multifast
-Gross weight 38,600 kg- Pay load 26,800 kg - Tare Weight 11,800 kg
( 6X2 truck configuration, Load capacity kingpin: 20,000 kg)
-Chassis made of high strength steel SSAB STRENX® 700 / S355J2 for thickness over 20 mm
-Total length 13.080 mm + 5.500 mm
-Length of loading surface 12.380 mm (6.880 mm + 5.500 mm)
-Adjustment positions per 500 mm, pneumatically lockable
-Width 2.550 mm
-Electric system FULL LED: MultiLED II, Aspöck Systems
-Braking system: EBS Knorr Bremse
-Electronic suspensions managed with remote control
-Adjustment height of load + 12 cm / - 5 cm
-Axles load index Knorr Bremse TIM
-Wide load signs up to 3.000 mm width equipped with led lighting system
-Gooseneck detachable and actioned with hydraulic compensation, both functions actionable with remote control
-Aluminium sideboard placed on gooseneck open-able on 3 sides, H:400 mm
-Certified Lashing rings (12x2) with 8.000 Kg capacity on platform section
-Surface treatment: hot dipped galvanized + Ral color on the sides
-Manual aluminium ramps to enter the low bed 2.000x450 mm payload 24 Ton / Weight 39 Kg each ramp
-N.8 tires 245/70 r 17.5 - Continental M+S, steel rims
-Warranty program 1 year
-COC Documents (CE European Approval)

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