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HOWO ZZ5707S3840AJ
HOWO ZZ5707S3840AJ
46.800 US$
49.800 US$
HOWO 8*4  12 tires
HOWO 8*4 12 tires
14.999 US$
16.500 US$
HOWO 6*4
HOWO 6*4
15.990 US$
HOWO 375HP 8*4
HOWO 375HP 8*4
11.900 US$

Камион кипер SINOMACH [Other] SINOMACH King of The Mine Mountain-70

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35.800 US$
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Модел [Other] SINOMACH King of The Mine Mountain-70
Тип камион кипер
Година на производство 2016
Километража 76000 км
Зафатнина 0.45 м³
Носивост 60000 кг
Вкупна тежина 20000 кг
Локација Кина Shanghai
Датум на објавување сеп 03, 2021
Autoline ID VU26032
Вкупни димензии 5.8 м × 3.44 м × 1.9 м
Сила 377 кс (277 kW)
Зафатнина 11500 cм³
Евро Euro 3
Оскина конфигурација 6x4
Предна оска 1
Состојба на гумите 85 %
Задна оска 1
Состојба на гумите 85 %
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Дополнителни информации
Brand : [Other]
Model : SINOMACH King of The Mine Mountain-70
Year of manufacture : 2016
VAT : 0
Truck classification (US) : Heavy Duty - Class 7-8
Amount of previous owners : 1
Latest inspection : 202011
General grade (1 min - 5 max) : 5
Axle configuration : 6x4
Meter read-out : 76000 km
Emission class : Euro 3
Cabin : Sleeper cab
Drive : Left hand
Engine output : 377 hp
Engine displacement : 11500 cm3
Engine Manufacturer : WeiChai
Guarantee : 1 year
Max. payload : 60000 kg
Gross Weight : 20000 kg
Cargo Space : 38000000 cm3
Cargo space dimensions(LxWxH) : 5.8 x 3.44 x 1.9 m
Tipping device : Three-way tipper
Tank volume : 450 l
Vehicle's outer dimensions : 9 x 3.3 x 4.1 m
Front tyres remaining : 85 %
Rear tyres remaining : 85 %
Colour : Yellow
Production country : CN
Our company do win-win business with good exporting business reputation which provide used /second hand construction mahcinery, for instance used wheel loaders,used excavators, used motor graders , used bulldozers ,road rollers ,mixer trucks ,dump trucks ,cranes ,forklifts ,tractor trucks ,and pump trucks . The above is the hot sale line for global market with the following advantage .
Original parts and good working condition;
2>Low working hours and well-test service for machinery
3>Strong engine power .
4>Complete accessory and no oil leaking;
5>Competitive price ,price is negotiatable to some degree .
6>Good After-sales Service!
1) Pick you up at airport;
Reservate hotel for you;
Guide u visit the tourist points in shanghai when u are free after finish business .
2)Conditions and Shipment
Used but in good working condition
No oil leaking.
No heavy smoking.
Well serviced and maintained.
Be ready to work.
Price: Negotiable
Locate in Shanghai China
Deliver in 1-7 days after confirmation
Packing and Shipping
*.Container: The cheapest and fast one ;put the machine into container need disassemble .
*.Flat rack:Often used to ship two wheel loader,max load-bearing is 35tons.
*.Bulk cargo ship :which is better for bigger construction equipment,no need disassemble.
*.RO RO ship :The machine is driven directly into the ship and does not need to be disassembled.
Used Truck Crane Kato: NK250E, NK350E, NK400E-3, NK500E, NK550E
Tadano: TL250E, TL300E, TG500E, TG550E, TG650E
Zoomlion: QY25, QY50, QY70
Used Crawler Crane Hitachi: KH125 35T, KH180 50T, KH700 150T
Kobelco: 7045 50T, 7055 55T, 5100 100T, 7150 150T
Sumitomo: LS118 50T, LS238 100T, LS248 100T
Used Excavator CAT: 301, 302, 303, 305, 306, 307, 308, 312, 313, 315, 318, 320, 321, 323, 324, 325, 336, 340, 345, 349(From B to D), E70, E120, E200, E300,
Komatsu: PC18, PC20, PC30, PC35, PC55, PC56, PC60, PC70, PC78, PC100, PC120, PC128, PC130, PC138, PC160, PC200, PC210, PC220, PC230, PC240, PC270, PC300, PC350, PC360
Hitachi: EX60, EX100, EX120, EX200, EX300, ZX55, ZX60, ZX70, ZX120, ZX200, ZX240, ZX270,
Kobelco: SK50, SK55, SK70, SK75, SK135, SK200, SK210, SK230, SK250, SK260, SK350
Doosan: DH55, DH60, DH80, DH150, DH200, DH220, DH225, DH300, DH420, DH140W, DH150W, DH210W
Hyundai: R60, R80, R150, R215, R225, R265
Volvo: EC55, EC60, EC80, EC140, EC210, EC240, EC290, EC360, EC380, EC460
Used Wheel Loader CAT: 910, 936, 938, 950, 962, 966, 972, 980(From C to H)
Komatsu: WA300, WA320, WA350, WA380, WA400, WA420, WA450, WA470, WA500
Kawasaki: 70Z, 75Z, 80Z, 85Z, 90Z
SDLG: LG936, LG953, LG956
Used Bulldozer CAT: D3, D4, D5, D6, D7, D8, D9, D10(From B to R)
Komatsu: D41, D60, D65, D85, D155
Used Motor Grader CAT: 12G, 14G, 16G, 12H, 14H, 120G, 140G, 140H, 140K
Komatsu: GD511A, GD623A
Used Road roller Dynapac: CA25, CA35, CA30, CA251, CA301, CA302, CA602, CC211, CC421, CC522, CC622
Bomag: BW202, BW203, BW213, BW214, BW215, BW217, BW219, BW226
Ingersollrand: SD100, SD150
Used truck Dump truck: Howo, Isuzu, Hino, Benz, Volvo, Mitsubishi, Nissan
Pump truck: Putzmeister ,Z oomlion, Benz
Mixer truck: Howo, Isuzu, Hino, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Fuso

Used backhoe loader JCB: 3CX, 4CX
CAT: 416E, 420E, 420F, 430E, 430F
CASE: 580M, 580L
Used forklift Heli, Mitsubishi, TCM, Toyota, Komatsu, Hyster, Kalmar(1.5-45 ton)
Used trailer head Howo, Volvo, Beiben
Used skid steer loader S150, S300, S250, S185, S18
CASE: 440H
Company age > 10 years old ,Enjoy high reputation from consumer .
Delivery time 7-15 days after you place order
Mainly market 1.Africa:Ghana ,Cameroon,Nigeria ,Kenya ,Mozambique ,Zimbabwe,Congo , Ethiopia Malawi,Sudan ,Senegal ,Zambia,Mali,
2.Asia: Iran ,Oman ,Pakistan ,Qazaqstan ,Myanmar, Cambodia ,Vietnam ,philippines, Laos,
3.Austrilia .USA ,Chile ,Paraguay, New Zealand ,Peru
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