Нови фабрика за бетон ELKON ELKOMIX-180 Stationary Batching Plant

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Модел ELKOMIX-180 Stationary Batching Plant
Тип фабрика за бетон
Година на производство 2020
Локација Турција İstanbul
Датум на објавување мај 22, 2020
Autoline ID EN18694
Капацитет 175 m3/ч
Состојба нов
Оригинална боја
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ELKOMIX-180 TW Stationary Concrete Batching Plant can produce 175 m³/hour vibrated concrete. It is equipped with 4x30 m³ Aggregate storage bins, aggregate transfer conveyor, aggregate holding hopper, cement, water and additive weigh hoppers. All of the concrete production process can be easily monitored and controlled by special concrete production software. ELKOMIX-180 TW Stationary Concrete Batching Plant is equipped with Siemens PLC and Operator Panel. It can be manufactured as winterized or as summer type.

ELKON prefers properly designed, high productive, reliable, and widely serviced components in its concrete batching plants. Also, this components’ reliability have been tested by ELKON since 1975. For example ELKON uses world’s famous brands like: Siemens (Germany), Schneider (Germany), WAM (Italy), Laumas (Italy), Allen Bradley (USA), Jotun (Norway), Pirelli (Italy), Lincoln (Germany), Brevini (Italy), Farbo (Italy) etc. in its own concrete batching plants.

Description of ELKOMIX-180 Stationary Batching Plant

Aggregate storage bins (4x30=120 m3)
Aggregate weigh hopper (T Type)(4950 kg)
Aggregate transfer conveyor
Aggregate holding hopper
6750/4500 l. Twinshaft Mixer (Brand: ELKON)
Cement weigh hopper (2500 kg)
Water weigh hopper (1100 kg) (galvanized)
High Pressure Water Distribution System inside Twinshaft Mixer
Additive weigh hopper (2x50 l.) (galvanized)
Support Structure
Electronic weigh system and power board
Operator’s cabin and control panel
Automation system (ABB or SIEMENS PLC)
Cement Screw (Ø323) (Brand: ELKON)
Cement Silo (150 tons) (Bolted Panel Construction)
(Brand: ELKON)
Cement Silo Reverse Jet Type Filter (Brand: WAM)
Cement Silo Accessories
(Including Max-min. level indicators, fluidizing system, pressure safety valve, max-min. level indicator panel with alarm system)
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